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Wellness Room

La Torreta Wellness Room

Massage cabinet at the disposal of hotel guests. Appointment needed.
Available massages:

Localized Massage (Shoulders/Back/Neck or Legs/Feet) - 30 min. / 35.00 €
Localized massage that reduces muscular tension and promotes relaxation on the chosen areas.
Sports Massage - 50 min. / 60.00 €
Deep massage with pressure and mobilization for muscles tonus and strength.
Anti-Stress Massage - 50 min. / 60.00 €
Massage with aromatic oils based on sliding and compression maneuvers applied with the purpose of reducing stress and anxiety and providing general well being.

Hot Stone Massage - 90 min. / 70.00 €
Massage with warm volcanic stones allowing a balance between body and mind that induces relaxation.  
Shiatsu - 30 min. (neck/back) / 35.00 €
60 min. (full body) / 60.00 €
Ancient Japanese massage with pressure maneuvers in specific areas, stimulating the body's vital energy. Allows you to rebalance the energy, unlocking the natural flow of energy and promoting regeneration of the body and overall well-being.
Tui Na - 30 min. (neck/arms) / 40.00 €
60 min. (full body) / 70.00 €
Massage from the traditional Chinese medicine has a therapeutic nature and uses acupressure to act on the system of energy meridians of the body.
Kit Wellness - 3.00 €           
Robe and slippers