Grande Hotel do Porto
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A charming history in the heart of Invicta

On 27 March 1880, Porto would give rise with great pomp and circumstance to what was to become the place of choice of the distinguished, the illustrious, the aristocratic and the charismatic: the Grande Hotel do Porto.

With an intense schedule of parties, balls and banquets, the Hotel quickly won over the cream of Portuguese and international society, according it a cosmopolitan aura that can still be felt in the communal areas.

Over the years, the Grande Hotel do Porto has managed to reinvent, remodel, adapt to the times and modernise it self, captivating new patrons and winning more hearts.

More than one century later, the first "Grand Hotel” of Porto continues to make history. A history that is written each day that passes by every guest who visits us and by every guest who returns. That is our greatest asset.

Come and be part of our history.